is an option in functions such as ClusterClassify that specifies the criterion to use to select a method.


  • In the case of ClusterClassify, possible settings for CriterionFunction include:
  • "StandardDeviation"root-mean-square standard deviation
    "Dunn"Dunn index
    "CalinskiHarabasz"CalinskiHarabasz index
    "DaviesBouldin"DaviesBouldin index
    "Silhouette"Silhouette score
    Automaticinternal index


Basic Examples  (1)

Generate some separated data and visualize it:

Construct a classifier function using the Automatic CriterionFunction:

Construct a classifier function using the CalinskiHarabasz index as CriterionFunction:

Compare the two clustering of the data:

Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2020