gives the base information entropy of the values in list.


gives the base k information entropy.

Details and Options

  • Entropy[string] computes the information entropy of the characters in string.
  • Entropy can handle symbolic data.
  • With the option setting SameTest->f, Entropy[list,] applies f to pairs of elements in list to determine whether they should be considered equivalent.
  • The default setting for SameTest is SameQ.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Entropy of a list of data:

Entropy of a symbolic list:

Entropy of a string:

Entropy of a random list of zeros and ones:

Scope  (1)

Calculate the entropy of an EventSeries:

Applications  (1)

Calculate the entropy for a path of a TelegraphProcess:

Neat Examples  (1)

Entropy of a text:

Introduced in 2008