prints as the formatted form of expr. Assigning values to Format[expr] defines print forms for expressions.


gives a format for the specified form of output.


  • Standard forms for formatted output are:
  • CFormC language input form
    FortranFormFortran input form
    InputFormonedimensional form suitable for direct keyboard input
    MathMLFormMathML form
    OutputFormcharacterbased two-dimensional form
    StandardFormstandard two-dimensional form
    TeXFormTeX input form
    TraditionalFormform approximating traditional mathematical notation
  • You can add your own forms for formatted output.
  • Format[s]:=rhs defines a symbol s to print like rhs. »
  • Format[f[]]:=rhs defines a function f to print like rhs. »
  • If you specify a new output format for an expression by giving a definition for Format, there is no guarantee that the Wolfram Language will be able to interpret this output format if it is used as input.
  • Definitions given for Format are used before those given for MakeBoxes.


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Basic Examples  (1)

See an expression formatted in TraditionalForm:

Scope  (3)

Format kappa as the Greek letter:

Format a function f differently if it has more than two arguments:

Define formatting for a specific form:

StandardForm output is unaffected:

Properties & Relations  (1)

MakeBoxes and ToBoxes use formatting rules added via Format:

Add formatting for bin:

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