returns a Wolfram Language object corresponding to an entity.



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Basic Examples  (5)

Make a character from an entity:

Make a color from an entity:

Make a graph from an entity:

Use FromEntity to discover how to express a given mathematical function entity in the Wolfram Language:

Make a Wolfram Language symbol from an entity:

Scope  (5)

"Character"  (1)

Convert from character entity:

"Color"  (1)

Convert from color entities:

"Graph"  (1)

Use a graph obtained from free-form input:

Use the "Entity" property from GraphData:

Use a graph with a known canonical name:

Use a member of an indexed graph family known to EntityValue:

Convert from an explicitly constructed graph entity:

"MathematicalFunction"  (1)

Convert a mathematical function entity taking a single argument:

Convert mathematical function entities taking multiple arguments:

"WolframLanguageSymbol"  (1)

Convert a Wolfram Language symbol entity into the corresponding actual symbol:

Properties & Relations  (4)

The "Entity" property of GraphData can be used to return an entity on which FromEntity can operate:

Return the graph directly using the "Graph" property:

"Graph" is also the default property for GraphData:

Any member of "AlternateStandardNames" can be used together with "Entity" in GraphData to return an entity on which FromEntity can operate:

For colors, FromEntity typically gives the same results as returned by ColorData:

FromEntity can return graphs for certain indexed families even though they are not known to GraphData:

This graph is not known to GraphData:

But it is known to EntityValue:

Possible Issues  (4)

Non-entity Wolfram Language representations are not available for all entity types:

Applying ToEntity to FromEntity does not round-trip for colors:

The result of FromEntity may evaluate if the underlying symbol autoeveluates:

Compare with result of evaluating the symbol Red:

Different mathematical function entities may convert to the same Wolfram Language function:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2015