returns an entity object corresponding to the given expression.


returns an entity object of the specified type corresponding to expr.



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Basic Examples  (5)

Convert characters to entities:

Convert colors to entities:

Convert undirected graphs to entities:

Use ToEntity for "MathematicalFunction" entity discovery:

Convert a Wolfram Language symbol to an entity:

Scope  (5)

"Character"  (1)

Convert a character to an entity:

Use FromCharacterCode:

"Color"  (1)

Convert a named Wolfram Language color to an entity:

Use a typeset form of a color:

"Graph"  (1)

Convert an explicitly constructed graph to an entity:

Use a graph from GraphData:

Use a graph constructor function:

Use a programmatically constructed graph:

"MathematicalFunction"  (1)

Convert a Mathematica special function to an entity:

Convert a Mathematica special function expression to an entity:

"WolframLanguageSymbol"  (1)

Convert a Wolfram Language symbol to an entity:

Use a second argument to specify the type of entity desired:

Applications  (1)

Verify that all small graphs in GraphData give entities with canonical names equivalent to their standard names:

Properties & Relations  (4)

For suitable graph entities, FromEntity can be used to effectively "reverse" ToEntity:

This is similar for suitable character entities:

When a GraphData standard name is known, ToEntity is equivalent to the GraphData "Entity" property:

The result of ToEntity is typically Entity["type","canonicalname"]:

The canonical name of a character entity is typically the value returned by ToCharacterCode:

Possible Issues  (3)

Entities may not exist for all possible Wolfram Language objects of appropriate type:

Some inputs may have multiple representations available:

The second argument can be used to specify to which type the input should be converted:

Specifying different arguments to same symbol may result in different "MathematicalFunction" entities:

Neat Examples  (2)

Check that the following embeddings all correspond to the cubical graph:

Convert a range of special characters to entities:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2015