is an option for FindSequenceFunction and related functions that specifies the space of functions to consider for representations.


  • With an explicit setting for FunctionSpace->s, only functions of type s will be considered.
  • FunctionSpace->{s1,s2,} specifies that types s1, s2, should be considered.
  • FunctionSpace->All uses all available types.
  • Possible types of discrete functions include:
  • "Polynomial"polynomials
    "RationalFunction"rational functions
    "HypergeometricTerm"hypergeometric terms
    "ConstantRecursive"constant-coefficient difference equation solutions
    "HolonomicSequence"polynomial-coefficient difference equation solutions
  • Possible types of continuous functions include:
  • "Polynomial"polynomials
    "RationalFunction"rational functions
    "Hypergeometric"hypergeometric functions
    "HolonomicFunction"polynomial-coefficient differential equation solutions


Basic Examples  (1)

By default, a small generating function is found if possible:

Use FunctionSpace to control the forms found:

Introduced in 2008