generates an association in which only elements whose keys appear in assocall but not in any of the associ are retained.

Details and Options

  • KeyComplement preserves the order of the elements in assocall.
  • KeyComplement can be used not only on Association objects, but also on lists of rules.
  • KeyComplement[{assocall, assoc1, }, SameTesttest] applies test to each pair of keys of the elements in assocall and the associ to determine whether they should be considered the same.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Find a key that is not present elsewhere:

Filter a list of rules:

A single element of a list remains unchanged:

A list of rules is converted to an Association:

Use a custom comparison function to compare keys:

Possible Issues  (2)

A single Rule element is automatically wrapped in a List:

These are the same as the following:

A list with no elements is not accepted:

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