yields an association containing only the elements with keys keyi.


gives a list of associations.


represents an operator form of KeyTake that can be applied to an expression.


  • KeyTake[assoc,] gives an Association object whose elements are in the order of the keyi.
  • Any keyi that does not appear in assoc is ignored.
  • KeyTake can be applied not only to Association objects, but also to lists of rules.
  • KeyTake[keys][expr] is equivalent to KeyTake[expr,keys].


Basic Examples  (7)

Select rules from an association, given a list of keys:

Select from several associations, given a list of keys:

Select rules from a list, given keys:

Select rules from several lists:

Select from an association, using a single key:

Select from a list, using a single key:

Use the operator form of KeyTake:

Introduced in 2014