is an option for SendMail and MailServerConnect to specify mail settings.


  • On desktop systems, SendMail requires certain user mail settings. These can be defined through Preferences Internet & Mail Mail Settings in the notebook front end or by using SetOptions[SendMail,MailSettings]. SendMail will attempt to send email via the Wolfram Cloud if these settings have not been provided.
  • MailSettings is an association with the following keys:
  • "AutoBcc"Noneautomatic hidden recipients
    "AutoCc"Noneautomatic secondary recipients
    "EncryptionProtocol"Noneemail encryption protocol
    "FromAddress"Automaticsender's email address
    "FromName"Nonesender's full name
    "Password"Automaticuser password
    "PortNumber"Automaticserver port number or numbers
    "ReplyTo"Nonesuggested address for replies
    "Server"Automaticserver host name or IP address
    "IncomingMailServer"Noneincoming mail server settings
    "ServerAuthentication"Automaticwhether and how to verify server certificates
    "Signature"Nonetext to be appended at the end of email body
    "Username"$Usernameuser login name
    "MailFolderName""INBOX"default mail folder for mail server connection
  • Possible settings for "EncryptionProtocol" include "SSL", "StartTLS", "TLS", and None.
  • "Password" is typically set to None if no password authentication is required, or to Automatic if the password is to be entered in an interactive dialog. The password can also be given as a plain text string.
  • Email credentials can be optionally stored via the "Password" interactive dialog. The credentials are encrypted using keys stored on your computer's hard drive. The encrypted credentials will be transmitted to the Wolfram Cloud and may only be accessed after you have authenticated using your Wolfram ID.


Basic Examples  (1)

Add a signature to an email:

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