yields True if the region reg is a valid MeshRegion object and False otherwise.


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Basic Examples  (2)

A valid MeshRegion in 2D:

A valid MeshRegion in 3D:

Scope  (7)

Use MeshRegionQ to check for valid MeshRegion constructions:

Even though the expression Head is MeshRegion, it is not a valid object to use:

A directly constructed valid MeshRegion:

MeshRegion from a set of points:

A BoundaryMeshRegion is not a MeshRegion, but can be converted using TriangulateMesh:

Special regions are not MeshRegion, but can be converted using DiscretizeRegion:

Graphics are not MeshRegion, but can be converted using DiscretizeGraphics:

Mesh regions in dimension :

Applications  (2)

Create a definition that only applies to mesh regions:

Select the MeshRegion from a list of regions:

Properties & Relations  (3)

MeshRegionQ is a special case of RegionQ:

A MeshRegion is always BoundedRegionQ:

A MeshRegion is always ConstantRegionQ:

Introduced in 2014