converts all ordinary arrays in net into NetSharedArray objects.


uses a prefix for the names of all newly shared arrays.


  • Each array in the net will be shared using a name that is derived from its position within the net.
  • By sharing all arrays in a net, multiple instances of that net within a larger net will behave identically during training and evaluation.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Convert arrays in a layer into shared arrays:

Convert arrays in a layer into shared arrays, using a specific prefix:

Convert arrays in layers within a net into shared arrays:

Create an LSTM layer whose arrays will be shared every time it is used in a larger net:

Use the LSTM layer on two separate inputs in a graph and combine the resulting states with a CatenateLayer:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Insert shared arrays into a layer:

When used multiple times in a larger network, only one set of weights will be created and stored:

When extracted, the weights for layers 1 and 3 are identical:

The underlying shared array can also be extracted using NetExtract:

The amount of storage required for arrays in the entire net is the same as the storage required for a single layer:

Possible Issues  (1)

The "MovingMean" and "MovingVariance" arrays of BatchNormalizationLayer cannot be shared.

Create a BatchNormalizationLayer with shared arrays:

Train it on some data:

Extract the trained batch normalization layers:

The "Scaling" and "Biases" arrays were shared, but not "MovingMean" or "MovingVariance":

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