is an option for NumberForm and related functions which gives strings to use as signs for negative and positive numbers.


  • NumberSigns->{"sneg","spos"} specifies that "sneg" should be given as the sign for negative numbers, and "spos" for positive numbers.
  • The default setting is NumberSigns->{"-",""}. »
  • NumberSigns->{{"snleft","snright"},{"spleft","spright"}} specifies strings to put both on the left and right of numbers to specify their signs. »
  • In AccountingForm, the default setting is NumberSigns->{{"(",")"},""}. »
  • NumberSigns can also be used to specify the strings to assume for number signs with Interpreter["Number",] and other related Interpreters.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Positive and negative numbers with default number signs:

Add explicit positive signs:

Parentheses are used for negative values in AccountingForm:

Interpret numbers with custom decimal signs:

Scope  (3)

Use NumberSigns with PaddedForm:




Use any strings as number signs:

Wrap positives with square brackets and negatives with parentheses:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2014