is an option for NumberForm and related functions that specifies whether padding should be inserted after signs.


  • SignPaddingTrue specifies that any padding that is needed should be inserted between the sign and the digits in a number.
  • SignPaddingFalse specifies that the padding should be inserted outside the sign.
  • Different sign characters can be present to the left and right of the number, as specified by the option NumberSigns. Padding strings on either side of the number are given by NumberPadding{"sleft","sright"}. Whether those padding strings are placed inside the corresponding signs is given by SignPadding{lbool,rbool}.


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Basic Examples  (2)

The default pads before signs:

Pad between signs and numbers instead:

Scope  (2)

Use SignPadding with PaddedForm:




PercentForm by default pads before the and % signs:

Pad inside the signs:

Pad after the signs:

Pad outside the signs:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2019