represents a palette notebook that can be manipulated by the Wolfram System front end.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Make a palette for applying a square root sign to the selection:

Make a palette for listing files in the current directory:

Scope  (2)

Make a palette with text and graphics:

Make a grid of buttons:

Options  (5)

WindowElements  (1)

Make a scrolling palette:

WindowFloating  (1)

Set to False to make a palette that can be covered up by other windows:

WindowMargins  (1)

Set to Automatic to position a palette in the center of your screen:

WindowSize  (1)

Set the height of a palette to a fixed value while letting the width fit the contents:

WindowTitle  (1)

Set the title bar text for a palette:

Applications  (1)

Make a palette to change selected text to uppercase or lowercase:

Introduced in 2007