is an option for ReImPlot that specifies labels to use for the real and imaginary components.


  • ReImLabels specifies how to decorate labels and legends to distinguish the real and imaginary components.
  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticdefault labels
    "Text"use re and im for the respective components
    "Gothic"use gothic abbreviations of Re and Im
    {re,im}use re and im as the respective labels
    {fre,fim}apply fre and fim to the input to generate the labels
  • If re and im are strings or expressions wrapped in HoldForm, they will be used directly as labels.
  • Any other form will be interpreted as a function to be applied to the labels to generate the final labels.


Basic Examples  (4)

Use the default labels in legends:

Use a textual form for the labels:

Use gothic abbreviations:

Give explicit labels for the components:

Introduced in 2019