removes all subscribers from the specified channel.


removes the specified user from the subscriber list.


removes the specified subscribers useri.

Details and Options

  • In RemoveChannelSubscribers[channel,], channel can be specified as a channel object or in any of the forms used inside ChannelObject.
  • RemoveChannelSubscribers attempts to stop the corresponding ChannelListener object in the subscriber's session, but this is not a guaranteed operation and should not be relied on for channel security.
  • You must have execute permission on a channel to remove its subscribers.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Subscribe to a channel and check the subscriber list:

Terminate subscription and remove the channel:

Scope  (2)

Start listening on a channel and remove the subscription for the specified user:

Delete the channel:

Remove all subscribers of a channel:

Delete the channel:

Applications  (2)

Administration by Channel Creator  (1)

Create a public channel and start listening:

Let another user listen on your channel by executing the following command in their Wolfram Language session:

Current subscribers on the channel:

Unsubscribe the other user:

Only the current user remains on the channel:

Clean up:

Administration by Third Parties  (1)

Create a public channel and grant the "Execute" privileges to another user:

Start listening on the channel:

Let the other user terminate your subscription by executing the following command in their session:

The channel no longer has subscribers:

Clean up:

Properties & Relations  (3)

RemoveChannelListener terminates a subscription in the current session directly:

Clean up:

RemoveChannelSubscribers terminates the current subscription, but does not prevent the user from resubscribing:

Clean up:

Revoking listening privileges by setting channel permissions prevents future access to the channel, but does not affect the currently active listeners. Use RemoveChannelSubscribers in addition to SetOptions to terminate the current listeners and prevent future access:

Clean up the channel:

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