yields True if no substring in "string" matches the string expression patt, and yields False otherwise.


yields True if no substring matches any of the patti.


gives the list of results for each of the si.


represents an operator form of StringFreeQ that can be applied to an expression.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (3)

Test whether a string pattern contains a substring matching the pattern:

Check that a string is free of "a":

Use the operator form of StringFreeQ:

Scope  (6)

Use string patterns:

Use a regular expression:

Pattern matching for dates:

Mixed regular expressions and string patterns:

Occurrences of either pattern:

StringFreeQ automatically threads over lists of strings:

Options  (2)

IgnoreCase  (2)

Use IgnoreCase->True to check for the presence of substrings regardless of case:

The operator representation of a case-independent check:

Applications  (1)

Pick all the lines that contain a substring that matches the pattern:

Line numbers with corresponding texts that contain "noon" or "day of":

Properties & Relations  (3)

StringMatchQ checks whether a whole string matches a pattern:

StringFreeQ checks whether a substring matches a pattern:

Get the starting and ending positions where a substring occurs by using StringPosition:

Use StringCases to extract substrings matching a given pattern:

Introduced in 2004
Updated in 2016