"AmusementParkRide" (Interpreter Type)

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Natural-language name of an amusement park ride.


Allowed Forms

  • Any natural-language name of an amusement park ride.

Restriction Specifications

  • Restricted["AmusementParkRide",{{choice1,}}]one among choices
    Restricted["AmusementParkRide",entityclass]one among the amusement park rides of entityclass
    Restricted["AmusementParkRide",reg]an amusement park ride in the region reg, given as an Entity
    Restricted["AmusementParkRide",{property1value1,}]an amusement park ride with values valuei for properties propertyi



Basic Examples  (3)

Interpret amusement park rides:

Restrict to amusement park rides in the US:

Apply a property restriction:

Introduced in 2014