Get an error message

When a function encounters an error, it will typically issue a message underneath the input or in the Messages window, depending on error message settings. The printed form of a message gives the function that caused the error and a short explanation of its cause:

  • Every message has a unique two-part namefor example, Power::infy, or equivalently, MessageName[Power,"infy"].

Understand the cause of an error

If the cause of an error is not clear from the error message, click the More information icon () to the left of the message and choose the documentation item to see more detailed documentation:

Suppress error messages

To suppress an error message in all subsequent evaluations in this kernel session, click the More information icon () to the left of a message and choose Turn Off This Message:

Equivalently, suppress an error message with Off, giving the message name as the argument:

Restore a suppressed error message with On:

  • Suppress error messages in a single evaluation with Quiet.


Get a list of all of a functions messages with Messages: