System Modeler Tutorials

This is a collection of links to tutorial-style learning materials included as part of the System Modeler documentation.

Components versus Blocks »

The benefits of the acausal modeling paradigm embraced by System Modeler compared to the block-oriented paradigm used in many other simulation environments

Creating a New Component »

Building a chain pendulum using a custom pendulum link component

Modeling across Domains »

Multi-engineering capabilities are leveraged to model a system involving both the electrical and mechanical domains, as well as a feedback controller

Modeling in the Text View »

Unveiling the full raw potential of the Modelica language by working directly with its textual representation

Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) »

Turning the controller component in a closed-loop system into an FMU demonstrates the use of both FMI export and FMI import

Using External Data »

Introducing a variety of solutions for making external data sources available to simulations

Using External Code »

Demonstrating how Modelica's external language interface can be used to implement part of a model with C code

Multibody Modeling »

A brief introduction to the Modelica.MultiBody library and how CAD shapes can be used to create compelling animations

Fluid Modeling »

An introduction to the Modelica.Fluid library

Decoupling »

Introducing the Equation Browser, with application to decoupling a complicated equation system

Troubleshooting Model Initialization »

Short demonstrations of how to troubleshoot common problems in model initialization