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  • MSPManipulate provides a web version of the function Manipulate.
  • You must load the MSPManipulate` package to use the webMathematica interactive tools.
  • MSPManipulate automatically formats the expression expr into an image.
  • MSPManipulate creates the following controls by default.
  • MSPManipulate takes the following options.
  • ControlType and ControlPlacement→ pos options can be given separately for each control.
  • The option setting ControlPlacement→ pos specifies that controls should be placed at positionpos relative to expr. Possible settings forpos are Bottom, Left, Right, and Top.
  • The option setting ContainerStyle→ {styles...} gives styles for the web container. Possible style settings are:
  • The option setting ControlsRendering→ type specifies the style used to render sliders. The default setting forpos is "Generic" which gives standard Flash sliders. Alternatively, it can be set to "FrontEnd.Windows" or "FrontEnd.Macintosh" which will display with the sliders similar to those used by the notebook front end on Windows or Macintosh respectively. A setting of "FrontEnd" will display with Macintosh sliders in browsers on Macintosh platforms otherwise it will use the front end Windows style.