Gamma Functions and Related Functions

As the basis for many other special functions, Mathematica supports efficient arbitrary-precision evaluation of gamma functions, as well as an extensive web of relations and transformations—many original to Wolfram Research.


Gamma complete and incomplete gamma function

Beta complete and incomplete beta function

PolyGamma polygamma function

LogGamma logarithm of gamma function

Integer-Oriented Functions

Factorial () ▪ Factorial2 () ▪ Pochhammer ▪ Binomial

Subfactorial ▪ FactorialPower ▪ Hyperfactorial

Regularized Functions

GammaRegularized ▪ BetaRegularized

Inverse Functions

InverseGammaRegularized ▪ InverseBetaRegularized

Generalized Functions

BarnesG ▪ LogBarnesG

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