Number Recognition

A core activity in exploratory experimental mathematics is recognition of numbers: going backward from a number to find out how it can be generated. Mathematica provides tools for recognizing many classes of numbers, including a number of original algorithms.


Primes ▪ Algebraics ▪ Rationals ▪ Integers

Element test whether a number is in a given class

Rationalize find a rational approximation

ContinuedFraction ▪ Convergents

RootApproximant find an approximating algebraic number

ToRadicals ▪ RootReduce ▪ MinimalPolynomial

FindIntegerNullVector find vector such that

LatticeReduce find reduced basis vectors in a lattice

FunctionExpand reduce an exact numeric expression to simpler functions

PrimeQ recognize prime numbers

SquareFreeQ ▪ PrimePowerQ ▪ AlgebraicIntegerQ

FindSequenceFunction find functional forms for integer sequences

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