Interval[{min, max}]
represents the range of values between min and max.

Interval[{min1, max1}, {min2, max2}, ...]
represents the union of the ranges to , to , ....


  • You can perform arithmetic and other operations on Interval objects.
  • Interval[{min, max}] represents the closed interval that includes both end points.
  • Min[interval] and Max[interval] give the end points of an interval.
  • For approximate machine- or arbitrary-precision numbers x, Interval[x] yields an interval reflecting the uncertainty in x.
  • In operations on intervals that involve approximate numbers, Mathematica always rounds lower limits down and upper limits up.
  • Interval can be generated by functions such as Limit.
  • Relational operators such as Equal and Less yield explicit True or False results whenever they are given disjoint intervals.
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