is a graphics primitive that represents a point.

Point[{coords1, coords2, ...}]
represents a collection of points.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The coordinates can be given either in the ordinary form: or , or in scaled form: Scaled[{x, y}] or Scaled[{x, y, z}]. »
  • Offset can be used to specify coordinates in two dimensions. »
  • Points are rendered as circular regions, if possible. Their diameters can be specified using the graphics directive PointSize.
  • Point diameters are not accounted for in hidden surface elimination for three-dimensional graphics.
  • Shading and coloring of points can be specified using CMYKColor, GrayLevel, Hue, Opacity, or RGBColor.
  • The option VertexColors->{c1, c2, ...} can be used to specify colors for a collection of points.
  • In 3D, the option VertexNormals->{n1, n2, ...} can be used to specify effective normals for a collection of points, to be used to determine the colors of points from lighting.
  • Individual coordinates and lists of coordinates in points can be Dynamic objects.
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