Unity Assets

The Wolfram Language allows you to find, create, and delete assets within the Assets folder of a Unity project.

Basic Asset Operations

FindUnityAsset find an asset

CreateUnityAsset create an asset

DeleteUnityAsset delete an asset

UnityAssetQ test whether an object is an asset

CreateUnityAssetDirectory create an asset directory

Game Objects & Prefabs

UnityGameObject represents a game object

UnityPrefabQ  ▪  UnityGameObjectQ  ▪  CreateUnityGameObject  ▪  DeleteUnityGameObject

Audio Clips

UnityAudioClip represents an audio clip

UnityAudioClipQ  ▪  CreateUnityAudioClip  ▪  DeleteUnityAudioClip


UnityMesh represents a mesh

UnityMeshQ  ▪  CreateUnityMesh  ▪  DeleteUnityMesh


UnityMaterial represents a material

UnityMaterialQ  ▪  CreateUnityMaterial  ▪  DeleteUnityMaterial


UnityShader represents a shader

UnityShaderQ  ▪  FindUnityShader

Texture 2D

UnityTexture2D represents a 2D texture

UnityTexture2DQ  ▪  CreateUnityTexture2D  ▪  DeleteUnityTexture2D