New in 9.0: Systems Interfaces & Deployment

Mathematica 9 introduced some key features for interfacing Mathematica to other systems. HTTP operations are supported with a range of functions for interacting with URLs and web sites, allowing synchronous and asynchronous interactions. Extensions to Mathematica streams allow them to be backed by data sources such as documents residing on web sites. A new toolkit for linking to the R statistical system enables users to integrate their R work with Mathematica.

Stream Operations

OpenRead (modified) open an input stream from a data source such as a URL

Get (modified) read and evaluate Wolfram Language input from a stream

DefineInputStreamMethod define a custom input stream method

DefineOutputStreamMethod define a custom output stream method

Read  ▪  ReadList  ▪  Find  ▪  FindList  ▪  InputStream  ▪  OutputStream

R Link »

InstallR launch the R runtime and connect it to the Wolfram System session

UninstallR uninstall the R runtime

REvaluate evaluate a string of R code

RSet assign the value to a variable in R workspace

RFunction define a function in R workspace

RVector  ▪  RList  ▪  RObject  ▪  RCode  ▪  RAttributes  ▪  REnvironment

System Environment

GetEnvironment get the setting for an operating system environment variable

SetEnvironment set a value for an operating system environment variable

Text-Based Interface

Improved terminal interface with support of command history and cursor movements »