gives the proxy settings used by the Wolfram System when accessing the network.


sets the value of a proxy setting.


  • All network operations in the Wolfram System use the settings in $DefaultProxyRules.
  • Values assigned to $DefaultProxyRules are remembered between kernel sessions.
  • You can also use the menu option Help Internet & Mail Settings Proxy Settings to set the values.
  • The available properties that can be set are:
  • "UseProxy"whether to use the configured settings or your operating system defaults
    "HTTP"proxy to use for HTTP
    "HTTPS"proxy to use for HTTPS
    "FTP"proxy to use for FTP
    "Socks"proxy to use for Socks
  • Possible values for "UseProxy" are:
  • Automaticuse whatever proxies are configured in your operating system or default browser
    "WPAD"use Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol to determine proxies (Windows operating systems only)
    Manualuse the settings for specific protocols stored in $DefaultProxyRules
    Nonedo not use a proxy
  • Possible values for the specific protocols "HTTP", "HTTPS, "FTP" and "Socks" are:
  • {"hostname",port}use the specified proxy host and port number
    Nonedo not use a proxy
  • The setting for "UseProxy" is a switch that controls whether the other property values are used.
  • With "UseProxy" set to Automatic, the proxy settings for specific protocols ("HTTP", "HTTPS", etc.) will be ignored, and the proxy settings used will be whatever is configured in your operating system or default browser.
  • With "UseProxy" set to Manual, the proxy settings for the other protocols will be used.
  • With "UseProxy" set to None, no proxy will be used.
  • Most users will leave the "UseProxy" value at its default, Automatic, and rely on their operating system configuration for proxy settings.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Give the current default proxy settings:

Change to use no proxy in the current session and future sessions:

Restore the original value:

Set a proxy specification for the HTTP protocol:

Because the "UseProxy" value acts like a master switch, that HTTP proxy specification will not take effect unless "UseProxy" is set to Manual:

Restore the original proxy values:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Internet operations like URLRead rely on $DefaultProxyRules. Create an invalid proxy specification for the HTTP protocol:

The network operation will fail because the proxy cannot be reached:

Restore the original proxy values:

Introduced in 2020