As of Version 12.0, AnatomyForm has been superseded by AnatomyStyling.


is a graphics directive used in AnatomyPlot3D that specifies how anatomy entitybased graphics objects are to be drawn using the graphics directive or association of directives g.


  • Using AnatomyForm may require internet connectivity in some cases.
  • AnatomyForm[] draws no faces.
  • AnatomyForm["Natural"] restores anatomy entitybased graphics objects to their initial state, ignoring earlier directives.
  • AnatomyForm can accept an Association with keys that correspond to anatomy entities and values corresponding to directives.
  • AnatomyForm applies only to anatomy entities inside of AnatomyPlot3D that are not contained within other primitives.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Color the biceps brachii green within the arm:

Color the left kidney green:

Apply custom lighting to the left leg:

Scope  (5)

Modifying the EdgeForm for an entity. This can be done with standalone EdgeForm directives, which will affect all objects:

Or this can be done using AnatomyForm, which will only apply to anatomy entities:

With no arguments, AnatomyForm behaves like FaceForm[]:

AnatomyForm["Natural"] restores styles to their original state, ignoring earlier directives:

The following example shows that "intermediate" structures like biceps brachii can be handled, even though they are made of smaller atomic components:

The following example shows that you can also access the lower-level atomic structures separately:

The following example shows that you can color all objects one color, with the exception of muscles (or any other entity), which are a different color:

Apply a clipping plane to a selected muscle:

Neat Examples  (1)

Simulate a combination "reversed lighting"/xray effect:

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