gives a matrix of s.


gives a block of s centered in a w×w matrix of s.


gives a array of s.


  • BoxMatrix[r] gives a square pattern of s extending r positions from the center.
  • The parameter r need not be an integer; elements are if their chessboard distance from the center is not more than |r+1/2|.
  • BoxMatrix[All,w] gives a w×w matrix containing a box shape that is as large as possible.
  • BoxMatrix[,{w1,w2,}] gives a w1×w2× array.
  • BoxMatrix[{r1,,rn},w] gives a w××w array.
  • BoxMatrix[All,{w1,,wn}] gives a w1××wn array containing a box-shaped region that is as large as possible.


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Basic Examples  (1)

This computes and plots a box:

Scope  (4)

Put a box inside a bigger matrix:

Extend the box to the boundaries of the matrix:

Automatically choose a width to just fit the box matrix:

Extend the box to the given width, and automatically choose the height:

Neat Examples  (1)

Introduced in 2008