returns a Cayley graph representation of group.

Details and Options

  • CayleyGraph[group] returns a graph object with head Graph.
  • A Cayley graph is both a description of a group and of the generators used to describe that group. The generators are those returned by the function GroupGenerators.
  • Group elements are represented as vertices, and generators are represented as directed edges. An edge from a group element g1 to an element g2 means that the product of g1 with the generator of the edge gives g2.
  • Vertices are numbered as ordered by GroupElements and GroupElementPosition. The identity element is always numbered 1.
  • Generators are represented by default using different colors, with increasing Hue values for the elements listed by GroupGenerators.


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Basic Examples  (1)

This is the Cayley graph connecting the 24 elements of a permutation group defined by two generators, the first represented in red and the second in blue:

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Introduced in 2010