is an option and annotation for Graph and related functions that specifies what style to use for edges.


  • The following option settings can be used:
  • Automaticuse automatic setting for style
    styleuse style for all edges
    {vivj->styleij,}use styleij for edge vivj
    {pattistylei,}use stylei for edges matching the pattern patti
  • Edges with explicit edge style vw->style are taken to use the automatic style.
  • The wrapper Style[vw,style] is equivalent to Annotation[vw,EdgeStyle->style] and can be used when creating graphs in functions such as Graph etc.
  • EdgeStyle can apply to lines and faces.
  • To specify multiple style directives use Directive[style1,style2,].
  • Style and other specifications are effectively applied in the order EdgeStyle, Style and other wrappers, and EdgeShapeFunction, with later specifications overriding earlier ones.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Style all edges:

Style individual edges:

Scope  (9)

EdgeStyle can be used for general graphs:

Matrix graphs:

Special graphs:

Random graphs:

Use EdgeStyle in an Annotation wrapper:

Alternatively, use a Style wrapper:

Use Directive to set multiple style directives:

EdgeStyle works with patterns:

EdgeStyle can be combined with EdgeShapeFunction:

EdgeShapeFunction has higher priority than EdgeStyle:

EdgeStyle can be combined with BaseStyle:

EdgeStyle has higher priority than BaseStyle:

Possible Issues  (1)

Using Rule to indicate edges does not work:

Use parentheses to get correct parsing:

Introduced in 2010