generates a graphic in which the gi are laid out in a row.


leaves the specified spacing between successive elements.

Details and Options

  • If the gi are graphics, GraphicsRow will if possible make them all the same height, preserving their individual aspect ratios.
  • The output from GraphicsRow can be interactively resized, or edited as a graphic.
  • GraphicsRow by default inserts the same fractional space between successive elements.
  • Possible overall spacings between items are:
  • han absolute number of printer's points
    Scaled[s]a fraction s of the height of an item
  • The default spacing used by GraphicsRow is effectively Scaled[0.1].
  • The gi can be any expressions, not just graphics.
  • The following options can be given:
  • Alignment {Center,Center}horizontal and vertical alignment of elements
    AspectRatio Automaticratio of height to width for the whole row
    Background Nonewhat background colors to use
    BaselinePosition Automaticwhat to align with a surrounding text baseline
    BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the row
    Dividers Nonewhere to draw dividers in the row
    Frame Nonewhere to draw frames
    FrameStyle Automaticstyles to use for frames
    ImageSize Automaticoverall size of the whole graphics row
    Spacings Scaled[0.1]horizontal and vertical spacings
  • Common settings for Frame include:
  • Noneno frame
    Trueframe around the whole row
    Allframe around every item in the row
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the "GraphicsRow" style in the current stylesheet.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Display graphics in a row:

Put a frame around every element:

Scope  (4)

Set a background for each successive entry:

Adjust the spacings between elements:

Align contents to the bottom:

Align contents to the top:

Options  (15)

Alignment  (1)

Different predefined alignment options:

AspectRatio  (1)

Use different aspect ratios:

Background  (1)

Set a background for each successive entry:

BaselinePosition  (1)

Align with surrounding text:

Dividers  (2)

Draw the interior dividers:

Draw dividers with specified styles:

Frame  (3)

Frame the entire graphics:

Frame all elements:

Frame specific elements:

FrameStyle  (2)

FrameStyle supports a variety of graphics directives:

FrameStyle is also applied to Dividers:

ImageSize  (3)

Use predefined symbolic sizes:

Use an explicit image width:

Use an explicit image width and height:

Spacings  (1)

Use no space between images:

Explicitly set spacings between images:

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