is an option for image highlighting that specifies what legends to use.


  • Typical settings for ImageLegends include:
  • Noneadd no legend
    Automaticuse automatic legending
    "Expressions"use the expressions as legends
    {lbl1,lbl2,}use lbli for the i^(th) input
    expruse expr as the legend
    Placed[lspec,]specify placement of the legend


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Basic Examples  (1)

Show and legend corner points and keypoints on an image:

Scope  (3)

Specify custom legend placement:

Use ImageLegends"Expressions" to use the input regions as legend labels:

Show no legends:

Applications  (2)

Display a legend to distinguish between corner points and keypoints on an image:

Automatically display legends for the result of a semantic object detection function:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Displaying a legend sets the highlighting color based on the legend label:

If a color has been explicitly specified, it is used instead:

The ImageLegends specification is displayed after any explicit use of Legended:

Association keys can be used both as label and legend specification:

Introduced in 2020