is an option for image highlighting that specifies what labels to use for each highlighted feature.


  • ImageLabels->labels specifies the labels to use for each data source.
  • Possible settings for labels include:
  • Noneno labels
    Automaticautomatic labels
    "Expressions"use the expressions as labels
    Placed[lbl,pos]label at position pos
    {lbl1,lbl2,}use lbli for the i^(th) label
  • The lbli can be any expression, including strings, graphics and formulas.
  • None indicates no label. If there are more items to label than lbli specifies, the subsequent lbli are taken to be None.
  • The positions pos in Placed[labels,pos,] are relative to each item being labeled.
  • Positions vary by function, but typically include Above, Below, scaled positions, etc.
  • If explicit labeling is specified using Labeled, it is added to labeling specified through ImageLabels.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify custom labels for two regions of interest within the image:

Specify a custom placement for one of the labels:

Scope  (5)

Specify custom label placement:

Regions given in an Association are labeled automatically:

Modify the automatic labels:

Turn off the labels:

Some combinations of the named positions within the region:

Applications  (1)

Show and label corner points and keypoints on an image:

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