inserts elem at position n in list. If n is negative, the position is counted from the end.


inserts elem at position {i,j,} in expr.


inserts elem at several positions.


represents an operator form of Insert that can be applied to an expression.


  • list can have any head, not necessarily List.
  • Insert works on SparseArray objects by effectively inserting into the corresponding ordinary lists.
  • If expr is an Association object, Insert[expr,key->value,pos] inserts an element in the association.
  • If the specified position is of the form "key" or Key[k], then Insert inserts a new element before the one corresponding to this key, or overwrites the value if this key is already present.
  • If the key of the element to be inserted is already present, then the old element with the same key is deleted.
  • Insert[elem,pos][expr] is equivalent to Insert[expr,elem,pos].


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Basic Examples  (10)

Insert x to be at position 3:

Insert x to be at position 2 from the end:

Insert x at several positions:

Insert into a 2D array:

Insert an element before a

Insert several elements:

Inserting entries with repeating keys in an Association overrides earlier values:

Insert in an Association using position:

Insert after the last element:

Insert at deeper levels:

Generalizations & Extensions  (2)

Insert into an expression with any head:

Insert at any position in any expression:

Applications  (1)

Insert into a held expression:

Introduced in 1988
Updated in 2003