is a global option that specifies which recently opened notebooks are listed under the File menu.


  • The Wolfram System maintains a list of recently opened notebooks under the File menu. You can use this list to quickly and conveniently access these notebooks.
  • Changing the NotebooksMenu option with SetOptions or CurrentValue changes which notebooks are displayed in the menu. Interactively opening a file in the notebook front end will automatically update the NotebooksMenu option, possibly by adding a new item or by sorting the list to move an existing item to be the first item.
  • NotebooksMenu is a list with entries in the form "name"{filename,include,autoopen,recycle} where "name" is the name displayed in the menu. filename may be specify a pathname or cloud object. The remaining values are True/False values. include indicates whether to include the item in the menu, autoopen indicates whether to automatically open the file on startup, and recycle indicates whether the item can be discarded to make room for newly added entries.


Basic Examples  (1)

Display recently opened notebooks in the system:

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