pastes expr at the current insertion point in the input notebook.


pastes expr to the specified notebook.


pastes the contents of the system clipboard in the input notebook.


pastes the contents of the system clipboard to notebook.

Details and Options

  • The expression expr is evaluated and typeset before being pasted to the clipboard. To paste a textual form, specify a string or InputForm[expr].
  • Paste[Defer[expr]] pastes the unevaluated form of expr.
  • Paste["string"] pastes the contents of "string" as plain text.
  • The expression expr can be any expression, including those that represent notebooks or cells.
  • Paste supports typeset expressions, such as StandardForm and TraditionalForm.
  • Results are pasted wherever the selection is at the instant that Paste is evaluated.
  • If content is selected when Paste evaluates, it will be fully replaced by the paste action.
  • If the pasted content includes a selection placeholder, then the selected content will be substituted for the placeholder.
  • Selection placeholders are represented by the character or \[SelectionPlaceholder].
  • The result of Paste will be at the highest fidelity when pasted between cells. When pasting into an existing cell, some style and formatting information may be lost or merged with the existing styles.
  • The following options can be given:
  • AutoScrollTruewhether to scroll the notebook to the pasted material
    PlaceholderReplaceTruewhether to replace a selection placeholder with the selected contents


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Basic Examples  (2)

Paste an expression:

Paste a string:

Paste a graphic:

Paste the contents of the clipboard:

Scope  (3)

Use Defer to paste the unevaluated expression:

Paste a notebook cell:

Now is the time of our discontent.

Paste an expression using TraditionalForm:

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