attempts to give the best semantic interpretation of the specified free-form string as a Wolfram Language expression.


filters possible semantic interpretations, returning the best one that matches the specified pattern.


returns the semantic interpretation wrapped with the specified head.

Details and Options

  • "string" can be natural-language English text.
  • Types of objects returned include numbers, formulas, Entity objects, DateObject, etc.
  • The following options can be given:
  • AmbiguityFunction Automaticfunction to apply to the collection of possible interpretations
    GeoLocation$GeoLocationgeo location to assume
    TimeZone$TimeZonetime zone to assume for semantic interpretation
  • If multiple interpretations are found, SemanticInterpretation supplies the list of them (with the best first) to the function specified as the setting for AmbiguityFunction. The result of applying that function is returned as the result from SemanticInterpretation.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Get the best semantic interpretation of a string:

Scope  (4)

Return the most probable interpretation that matches a pattern:

Return an unevaluated result:

Return an inactivated result:

Apply an arbitrary function to the result:

Options  (3)

AmbiguityFunction  (3)

Get the most probable interpretation:

Get all interpretations:

Apply an arbitrary function in the case of ambiguity:

The AmbiguityFunction is not used if there is no ambiguity:

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