is an option for TableForm and MatrixForm that specifies how many spaces should be left between each successive row or column.


  • TableSpacing->{s1,s2,} specifies that si spaces should be left in dimension i.
  • For columns, the spaces are rendered as space characters. For rows, the spaces are rendered as blank lines.
  • For TableForm, TableSpacing->Automatic yields spacings {1,3,0.5,1,0.5,1,}.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Format a table with no space between rows or columns:

Use one space between rows and four between columns:

Scope  (2)

Use with MatrixForm:

Specify spacings for any number of dimensions:

Applications  (1)

Display a bit matrix with no spacing:

Neat Examples  (1)

A bit matrix texture:

Introduced in 1991