"StructuredQuantity" (Interpreter Type)

Quantity in a standard format.


Allowed Forms

  • The number formats allowed by "Number" are supported for the quantity magnitude.
  • To avoid hitting the Wolfram servers, only units with their canonical forms are supported.

Restriction Specifications


  • The following options can be used for the quantity magnitude:
  • DigitBlockInfinitynumber of digits between breaks
    NumberPoint"."decimal point string
    NumberSeparator{","," "}string to insert at breaks between blocks
    NumberSigns{"-",""}strings to use for signs of negative and positive numbers



Basic Examples  (3)

Interpret quantities:

Restrict and convert to a unit:

Accept unitless inputs in the presence of an appropriate restriction:

No connection to the Wolfram Cloud is attempted. Only canonical units (as found in the InputForm) can be used:

For currency units, the unit conversion is kept symbolical to avoid connecting to the Wolfram Cloud to get the exchange rate:

Restrict in an interval:

Set the precision:

Change the number separator: