Selecting Graphics Objects

Selecting an Object
The following sequence shows how to select an object inside a graphic.
To begin editing within a graphic, single-click or double-click the background or an object in the graphic. The frame highlight will change to gray.
Click a disk to select it.
Drag the disk or its frame highlight to move it.
When over a handle, the arrow cursor ( ) changes to the double arrow cursor (, , , or ).
Drag a handle to reshape the selected disk.
To resize a disk without changing its shape, press Shift and drag a handle.
Selecting Multiple Objects
The following sequence shows how to select multiple objects inside a graphic.
Click a disk to select it.
Shift+click to select another disk. The two disks with crosshairs (+) at their centers are selected.
Drag a handle to stretch the selected disks.
Click outside the selected disks to deselect.
Click and drag across some disks to select them.
Shift+click to deselect a selected disk.
Shift+drag to deselect a group of disks.
Copy and Paste
The following sequence shows how to copy and paste an object from one graphic to another.
Click to copy a rectangle.
In another graphic, double-click the background and paste. The rectangle will be at its original coordinates.
Drag the pasted rectangle to move it out of the way.
Click a disk to select it.
Paste the copied rectangle again. The disk disappears and a new copy of the rectangle appears once again at its original coordinates. Whether the rectangle appears above or below a disk depends on the position of the replaced disk in the internal ordering of the graphics expression.
In contrast to double-clicking the background of the target graphic, a single click may select the target as a whole.
Pasting now replaces the whole graphic.
Inset Objects
The following sequence shows how to copy and paste a graphic inside another graphic.
Here is a graphic with three squares. Click the graphic and copy it.
Double-click a square to select it.
Paste the graphic copied before. The three squares will be pasted, replacing the selected square.
The pasted squares are in an Inset. Click the Inset to select it.
To move the Inset, click anywhere inside it and drag.
Copy the selected Inset, click the background of the graphic to deselect the Inset, and paste. Move the pasted Inset to the upper right.
Double-click an object in an Inset to select it.
Click and drag an object in an Inset to move it.
Objects in different Inset groups cannot be selected simultaneously.