Type of the additional data that can be defined for an elementary ShapeType

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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This type is used in shapes of visual objects to define extra data depending on the shape type. Usually, input variable extra is used as instance name:

shapeTypeMeaning of parameter extra
"cylinder" if extra > 0, a black line is included in the cylinder to show the rotation of it.
"cone" extra = diameter-left-side / diameter-right-side, i.e.,
extra = 1: cylinder
extra = 0: "real" cone.
"pipe" extra = outer-diameter / inner-diameter, i.e,
extra = 1: cylinder that is completely hollow
extra = 0: cylinder without a hole.
"gearwheel" extra is the number of teeth of the (external) gear. If extra < 0, an internal gear is visualized with |extra| teeth. The axis of the gearwheel is along "lengthDirection", and usually: width = height = 2*radiusOfGearWheel.
"spring" extra is the number of windings of the spring. Additionally, "height" is not the "height" but 2*coil-width.
external shape extra = 0: Visualization from file is not scaled.
extra = 1: Visualization from file is scaled with "length", "width" and height" of the shape