Mathematica provides state-of-the-art high-precision geodesy computation, supporting all standard datums and projections.


FromDMS convert from degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees

DMSString, DMSList convert from decimal degrees to degrees-minutes-seconds form

Latitude, Longitude, LatitudeLongitude extract latitude, longitude

Degree (°) — conversion factor from radians to degrees (entered as EscdegEsc)

GeoPosition geodetic position specified by latitude and longitude

GeoPositionXYZ ▪ GeoPositionENU

GeoGridPosition projected position in a cartographic grid

GeoDistance distance between geodetic positions

GeoDirection azimuthal direction between geodetic positions

GeoDestination position at a given distance and direction from a point

GeodesyData data on reference ellipsoids and geodetic datums

GeoProjectionData data on cartographic projections

CityData, CountryData give latitude, longitude of cities, countries (in degrees)

AstronomicalData computable data on planets, stars, moons, etc.

$GeoLocation settable current geodetic location

FindGeoLocation try to find the current location using GPS, geoIP, etc.

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