Image Restoration

The Wolfram Language not only includes highly optimized implementations of standard image restoration filters, but also provides sophisticated functions and algorithms allowing retouching, denoising, and deblurring images using state-of-the-art techniques.

Color Adjustments

ImageAdjust uniformly adjust levels, brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.

HistogramTransform equalize or match image histograms

Lighter  ▪  Darker  ▪  ColorBalance ColorToneMapping  ▪  BrightnessEqualize


Sharpen sharpen the features in an image

ImageDeconvolve restore information in a blurred image


Inpaint retouch parts of an image


GaussianFilter  ▪  MeanFilter

HarmonicMeanFilter  ▪  GeometricMeanFilter

Edge-Preserving Smoothing

BilateralFilter  ▪  MeanShiftFilter  ▪  KuwaharaFilter

GuidedFilter smooth and transfer shape of an image using a guide image

CurvatureFlowFilter  ▪  PeronaMalikFilter


MinFilter  ▪  MaxFilter  ▪  CommonestFilter

MedianFilter  ▪  WienerFilter  ▪  TotalVariationFilter

NonlocalMeansFilter  ▪  FourierDCTFilter

ImageFilter apply an arbitrary function to blocks of pixel values