New in 10.0: Graphs & Networks

Graphs & Networks

MultigraphQ framework-wide support for multigraphs

MixedGraphQ framework-wide support for mixed (directed and undirected) graphs

FindSpanningTree find a spanning tree (or spanning forest) of a graph

VertexContract  ▪  EdgeContract  ▪  LinkRankCentrality


Graph3D generate 3D layouts for graphs

PerformanceGoal performance improvements for all graph visualization

GraphLayout additional planar embedding "TutteEmbedding"

Paths & Connectivity

FindPath find all paths between two vertices

FindVertexIndependentPaths  ▪  FindEdgeIndependentPaths

KVertexConnectedComponents  ▪  KEdgeConnectedComponents  ▪  KVertexConnectedGraphQ  ▪  KEdgeConnectedGraphQ

Tours & Cycles

FindShortestTour new and improved capabilities for tours and cycles

FindCycle find all cycles

FindFundamentalCycles  ▪  EdgeCycleMatrix


FindGraphIsomorphism find several isomorphism mappings between graphs

GraphAutomorphismGroup the group of all ways to remap vertex indexes

CanonicalGraph canonical form for graphs


TransitiveClosureGraph the transitive closure or reachability graph

TransitiveReductionGraph the transitive reduction or Hasse diagram


TuttePolynomial new graph polynomials

ChromaticPolynomial  ▪  FlowPolynomial