New in 10.0: Images

LABColor, LUVColor, XYZColor use colors defined in CIE color spaces

New in Image Processing & Analysis »

BarcodeImage, BarcodeRecognize generate and recognize 1D or 2D barcodes

ConformImages make a list of images that have conforming properties

RemoveBackground separate and remove background from an image

DominantColors improvements and new options to find a list of dominant colors

RandomColor  ▪  ColorDistance  ▪  ChromaticityPlot

ConstantImage  ▪  LinearGradientImage  ▪  RadialGradientImage

ImageCollage  ▪  LocalAdaptiveBinarize  ▪  GrowCutComponents  ▪  ImageApplyIndexed  ▪  ImageSaliencyFilter  ▪  SavitzkyGolayMatrix

Use more functions for processing and analyzing 3D images

ComponentMeasurements  ▪  SelectComponents

ImageRotate  ▪  ImageTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation

EdgeDetect  ▪  CrossingDetect  ▪  ContourDetect  ▪  CornerFilter

HistogramTransform  ▪  HistogramTransformInterpolation