New in 7.0: Notebooks & Documents

Mathematica 7 enhances the Mathematica notebook experience in several ways, with new convenient usability features, new levels of automation for the form and structure of output, and new capabilities such as speech output.

New User Interface Features

new cell insertion mechanism

[Right-click] new contextual menus

Make Template (modified) placeholder-based function templates

New Styled Notebook pick a notebook template from a gallery

New Palettes

Palettes Basic Math Assistant, etc. new quick-start palettes


TraditionalForm (modified) optimized heuristic ordering, tooltips, etc.

a, z, A, Z formal symbols

Placeholder symbolic representation of a place to type into

  ▪    ▪    ▪    ▪    ▪ 

Formatting Constructs

Framed (modified) draw frames with rounded corners

Rotate (modified) rotate text outside of graphics

Hyperlink (modified) display hyperlinks with different styles for active links

ActiveStyle  ▪  BaseStyle  ▪  TooltipDelay  ▪  Bookmarks  ▪  CoordinatesToolOptions  ▪  RoundingRadius  ▪  ImageSizeAction  ▪  Legended  ▪  Placed

Spoken Output

Speak speak any expression, including math and diagrams

SpokenString spoken representation of an expression