New in 9.0: Core Language

Mathematica 9 extends its symbolic programming paradigm to support units, allowing a wide range of computations to be carried out with a sophisticated unit system. It provides unique syntax-free linguistic input to support the entry and discovery of units.

Units »

Quantity represents a value associated with a unit

UnitConvert convert between different units and unit systems

QuantityMagnitude give the value associated with a quantity

QuantityUnit give the unit associated with a quantity

CompatibleUnitQ test whether multiple quantities are compatible

CommonUnits convert a list of quantities to a common unit

UnitSimplify convert to simpler units

TargetUnits  ▪  IndependentUnit  ▪  QuantityForm  ▪  QuantityQ

New in String Manipulation and Comparison »

StringRotateLeft cycles the characters in a string to the left

StringRotateRight cycles the characters in a string to the right