is a low-level option for formatting and related constructs that specifies a default base style to use before BaseStyle.


  • An option setting DefaultBaseStyle->spec in a construct obj specifies that the construct should automatically be displayed by default as Style[obj,spec].
  • DefaultBaseStyle is applied before BaseStyle, so that it can be overridden by BaseStyle.
  • The default setting for DefaultBaseStyle is typically different for different constructs.
  • For Button, the default setting is DefaultBaseStyle->"Button", and in general for an object named obj it is typically "obj".
  • DefaultBaseStyle->{} introduces no default style specifications, thereby effectively allowing all outside style specifications in.
  • DefaultBaseStyle->style makes any specifications in style override corresponding outside style specifications.


Basic Examples  (3)

The current setting for DefaultBaseStyle:

The default styles used:

Explicit settings for BaseStyle override DefaultBaseStyle:

Introduced in 2008